Finders keepers market, minion cupcakes and a plan.


So I still have a sick child at home, the doctor said he can go back to school on Wednesday (tomorrow; insert happy mummy dance here). He had a viral infection so he had to stay home until the rash cleared, just in case it turned into something worse. It didn’t but I have had a child bouncing off the walls for another two days, driving me crazy. The good news is, he is soo bored at home with mum he is desperate to go back to school. That will give me time to get some of the things I need to do done.

I begged the family to let me go to, a great independent craft market on at the carriageworks, so I could see what other people are creating, get inspiration, and generally have a good time. What I didn’t count on was the reluctant husband and child coming too. There is nothing less inspiring than being trailed by a pair of individuals, one with a bored expression, the other whining about wanting to leave. (They took turns at this, just to keep it interesting). I picked up up heaps of ideas, and feel inspired to start making so I can be ready for the next Sydney market, on in December. I might need to add a few crafty friends to my stall, (such as Lucy Penhallow and her sacred tummy tops, and Natasha Dickins fromLittle Red Industries) so I can make it a real fun weekend.

Step one is a bit of planning. I really need to sit down and nut out my ideas, troll through the one million Pinterest tags, and work out what is it I really want to make and sell; start out with a small range and move on from there. I think I may need to do some promotions and designs, for other clients to bring in the money to help fund my plans.

As it was my last sick day with the little man, he decided he wanted to make minion cupcakes. Green’s baking have brought out caramel and banana cupcakes, with edible minion discs for the top. He said they taste great but I think I will stick to a mandarin or two. They were fun to make and broke up the several hours of Rozopoly that we have played today. I am looking forward to the baking fair in a months time, and the quilt and craft fair in mid June, all without my unhappy men there, asking if we can go.