Hidden treasures, everyday joys, and making time


So I am sitting in my home office/sewing room/ library/drum room and trying to clean it up while I wait for a return phone calls from various people regarding my mother’s health. I find it all quite exhausting, it takes a lot of mental energy and sometimes I feel like I am getting nowhere. So while I wait, I am cleaning up my sewing kit. I was given this as a young girl and still use it today. Unfortunately it is a mess and needs a thorough overhaul. I did find some funny treasures buried at the bottom of the kit.


This is an old pack of needles from a service station from the 1970’s called Amoco. I love it, it is so sexist, yet handy! Inside it had a delightful letter from some woman who says she is working with Amoco to make it more “woman-friendly”. I think I will need to keep it in the bottom of the kit, just for old time sake.


Here is another of the politically incorrect things from my sewing kit. It is an old cigar box from Henri Wintermans Holland, that was used to store embroidery thread. Considering no-one in my family really smoked, let alone cigars, it is an odd thing to give to a child to store thread. I have found several things from childhood over the years that have been related to Dutch heritage, I think it was guaranteed that I would marry a Dutchman. It is a lovely hinged boxed with felt label, but inside it was a hideous mess of tangled threads, most of which had to be binned, which made me momentarily sad, then happy when I realised I could go and buy more beautiful thread.


I finally got round to making a few things this week, and caught up on some reading. I am currently reading this lovely book called “The Little Paris Bookshop” by Nina George. It is so beautifully written and the fact that it covers two favourite subjects for me, books/bookshops and Paris, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Now if I could find more time to read it.You can buy it here: The Little Paris Bookshop. It reminds me of another book I read that was divine called, “The collected works of AJ Fikry” by Gabrielle Zevin, about a bookseller on an island and his salvation through books. You can buy it here: The collected works of AJ Fikry

I also made these lovely embroidered pieces, a necklace and a brooch. I realised how old I am getting though, when after several attempts to thread a needle I had to resort to using a needle threader. I should have got my reading glasses, but the needle threader is very handy, and I have a feeling I will be using it alot more in the future! I really enjoyed making these and think I would like to make a few more. They were easy, fun, and super cute. Little man wants me to keep them and even offered to buy them from me with the money from his piggy bank. He is such a sweet boy, I can’t believe how lucky I am to have him. However, I promised him I would make more but these where going on my website for sale. They will be online in the next week. In the meantime, you can check out some of my other great makes here: innerkitty designs on madeit


I also got some limes from my neighbour’s tree (technically our tree, it floundered in our sunless backyard so we donated it to our neighbour’s community verge garden) and made some yummy lime curd, and then lime curd tarts. The tarts were for another neighbour who is in hospital with a knee replacement and the jars of curd were given to neighbours and friends. The thing I find hard with creating and making is finding value in it, so I tend to make alot of things and then either keep them for myself and family or just throw them out. This year I am focusing more on generousity and valuing my work, and despite my one free design that was more traumatising than a paying client, I am trying to get my work out there, appreciated and sold. (well not sold yet, but hopefully soon)

So, now that several hours have passed, the sewing box lid can finally close, and the blog is up to date, I feel I will have to start making more phone calls as my mother’s financial advisor has been “in a meeting” for three hours and will probably go to lunch if I don’t chase them! As I said, it is draining chasing people interstate to sort this mess out. I might have follow the immortal words of Pip Lincolne and do something creative this afternoon to soothe my soul. Meet me at Mikes.
You can buy her wonderful book “Craft for the Soul” here: Craft for the Soul

xo d