Sick days, Vegemite twists and Rozopoly

image image image image

So today was another day in our house with a sick little man. In my efforts to tempt him to eat something I made his favourite cheese and Vegemite twists. I also attempted yet another Pinterest find and made cheese and salami pinwheels, both of which he refused. He did eat his Greek salad last night with lamb kebabs so he won’t starve anytime soon.

Today we also launched the prototype, Rozopoly board; a Rozelle-centric version of monopoly in beta testing I designed for the little man as he is obsessed with the game. It was tricky because I haven’t made the property cards so we kept getting confused by who own what. Also the little man felt there was too many property and road maintenance cards, so I may need to work on that. I got tired of putting it down to accurate life in rozelle. He did delight in buying Rozelle public school, and we fought over who could buy the street we live in, but it was overall good fun and filled in the day. My favourite card is the chance card of “you get into trouble at the Bridge Hotel, go directly to Jail”. Who knows, people may want to buy it, or Hasbro will sue me. I have a feeling though, that in the status obsessed area I live in, people who live in the streets that are cheaper ie: the brown and light blue on the board will be disgruntled. Maybe I should just say every property is $1,000,000 and not include enough money in the game kit to ever afford to buy property, or just put in more “your development applications has been denied, pay $200” cards.

Hopefully the little man is better tomorrow as I finally want to see him play a soccer game. Thanks to the drenching in Sydney, games have been cancelled. And I can be pampered on Sunday.


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