Go ahead, make my day


I decided this year I would waste my down time between jobs panicking about not having work and focus on all the amazing things I promised I would do if only I had the time. Things like bake the most amazing cakes, learn to crochet, learn to sew, learn to knit.. all things I should know by now but was so busy on my career and making money, that I forgot to enjoy life. Well here I am, mid 40’s, my career is in the wtf file, and I still have no money. But having a child has taught me to enjoy making mess and creating things that bring smiles not money. And what if I could start making all the things I file on Pinterest, I learnt to use that beautiful sewing machine, and along the way made some pocket money, or at the very least cover expenses.

this blog will follow my day to day struggles as I

a) learn to blog

b) learn to balance my life between business and pleasure

and c) try and find out what the hell it is I am good at! (I have the feeling I have a natural talent somewhere hidden under all the neuroses and insecurities)

There will be failures along with the successes and I will document both as I try and follow my new credo: Go ahead, make my day. I will try and make one thing every day, and document it here. Let’s hope it works out, or this will be very boring!

xoxo D Aka innerkitty